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Gabriela McNicoll

Gabriela McNicoll was born in Brazil but grew up in Miami, Orlando and Atlanta. A filmmaker and number one Outkast fan from Atlanta, Georgia, Gaby's documentary and narrative short films have screened at venues in the US and internationally, including the Atlanta Film Festival, the Nashville Film Festival, the Oxford Film Festival, the Isle of Man Film Festival, DOCUTAH and London's Little Wing.

Gaby and Dana Make Films Productions (GDMF) has produced content for a university, foundations and private events and is currently producing 2 documentaries: And I took Note: Cathy Loving’s work with Benjamin E. Mays and District 8: The Omega Psi Phi Fraternity at Iowa State University- 1964-1968 and 1 short film, Haint. Their work largely focuses on politics, culture, and social issues of women in the American South. One of their current projects is supporting the work of RestorHer, an Atlanta based organization, founded by Pamela Winn, that fights for across the board human rights for directly impacted women.